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Sell Your House Fast In Omaha, Nebraska

Choose how you want to sell your house fast. We present several options you won’t find with other investors or agents. We buy houses in all situations. Request a fair cash offer today or call at 402-595-8841.

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He sold our existing home in days…not weeks, days!

Jeremy worked with us and our ever changing requirements (he has the patience of a saint) to help us find the perfect house. Then he sold our existing home in days…not weeks, days! He is great and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy, sell or invest.


A Winning Strategy to Sell Your House Fast

How can you turn your burdensome property into a profit? Perhaps you can sell your house fast for cash. That’s one option. Maybe you can rent the house or sell it after doing repairs. Depending on your situation, you’ll have multiple options. It’s easy to ignore money-making choices when you’re distressed or worried about the future. However, you can choose expert help and see how you want to make money with your property.

You Can Choose a Quick Cash Sale in Omaha

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Your Cash Offer within 24 Hours

Choose this option if you want to sell your house fast within seven days. We can give you a fair and competitive cash offer within 24 hours.

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Choose Your Options

There is no obligation to accept our offer. So join us for a free consultation and learn about your options. Choose this option if you want to understand alternative choices. We can even repair your property for you.

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Select Your Timeline

You’re our client, and we’re working for you. So, choose your terms and schedule. We can happily close whenever you’re ready.

About Kaizen Solutions

Meet Kaizen Property Solutions

Kaizen Property Solutions is excited to help you. We’re a family-owned small business based in Omaha, Nebraska. We help residential owners in different situations using helpful approaches. Nothing is impossible with us. We can help you list in the retail market. We can help you generate passive income from your property and can also buy your home for a cash price. Our team can help you avoid foreclosure and stressful real estate situations.

We work for you and pride ourselves on being solution providers. We want to help you see the good and bad of every deal. There is no right and wrong solution. However, there can be helpful or not helpful strategies. Our goal is to help with your goals. Contact us if you’re searching for genuine solutions. Don’t let your property hold you back. Join us for a free consultation, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

We Help in Challenging Real Estate Situations

Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes you deal with unexpected situations like a divorce, sudden job loss, business issues or health problems. To handle those challenges, you might need to tap into your home’s equity. Perhaps you want to relocate to somewhere better, but the home stands between you and your dreams.

Regardless of your home’s condition, selling a property in Omaha can be challenging. If you want to avoid uncertainty, we can help. We buy houses in Omaha and provide the fairest cash price to homeowners in all situations. Our quick & fair offer can give you peace of mind. We’re experts at home renovation. We review the condition of your property and pay you a fair price based on the condition and location. There is no obligation. Requesting an offer doesn’t initiate a contract with us. So, you have the freedom to review the numbers and choose how you want to proceed.

  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce/separation
  • Don’t want to do repairs
  • Unsure what types of repairs will work
  • Don’t want to manage contractors
  • Need to pay debts or medical bills.
  • Title issues
  • Hazardous construction material used (asbestos)
  • Short sale
  • Inherited property/Probate
  • Negative equity
  • Selling rental property with negative cash flow
  • Don’t want to live in the neighborhood
  • Want to use the equity locked in your home to fulfill your dreams?
  • Code violations/unpermitted spaces
  • Mold/water damage issues
House For Sale

He sold our existing home in days…not weeks, days!

Jeremy worked with us and our ever changing requirements (he has the patience of a saint) to help us find the perfect house. Then he sold our existing home in days…not weeks, days! He is great and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy, sell or invest.

– Denise C.

He was very responsive!

I would highly recommend Jeremy Harper as your Realtor if you were interested in buying or selling. I have never worked with someone so committed in what he does. Communication was outstanding! Call, text or email he was very responsive! Thank you for all the hard work you put into selling our home and buying a new home!!

– Leanne B.

The Right Selling Strategy

We work with homeowners in different scenarios. Do you need to sell so you can pursue retirement dreams? Do you want to sell to benefit from property appreciation? Maybe you want to earn some passive income on the side?

We can answer all these questions for you. In fact, we can help achieve your goals concerning your property. So we are not going to propose only a cash sale. We buy houses and pay cash in Omaha, but that’s only one option. Our team can help you choose the right strategy depending on your unique situation.

Guaranteed Sale of your Home

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Sell your house to

Are you worried about a property that’s not selling? We can give you a cash offer right now to buy your property.

  • Receive an all-inclusive, competitive cash offer within 24 hours of contacting us.
  • Avoid arranging open houses.
  • Set your closing day.
  • No need to repair/update your property.
  • Kaizen Property Solutions pays your closing costs.
  • No selling costs (commissions or fees)

A Retail Sale of Your Home

List Your House

List your house with

Do you want to list your home and sell it for a retail price? We provide that option as well.

  • Receive the top price for your property in Omaha.
  • Enjoy peace of mind as we do all the work to sell your home.
  • Work with local Omaha experts.
  • Option to sell quickly with our cash offer.
  • *Take advantage of our fix & list option

    *Before listing, we can renovate your home so it sells for the top price. Inquire to see if your home qualifies.

How Does It Work?

You might want to know more about our process. The exact process depends on the strategy you choose. If you’re planning to sell your house fast for cash, you can do so in three simple steps. Give us a call at 402-595-8841, and we will give you a cash offer within 24 hours.

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We would like to know about your property and the location.

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We analyze property details to give you a fair cash offer. The offer is made only after studying your situation and presenting all your options.

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You have the guaranteed cash offer, and you get a free consultation about other options. You can now choose the best solution for your situation. Zero obligation.

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Why We Buy Houses in Omaha?

The real estate business is not about selling or buying properties. It’s about offering heartfelt customer service. We experienced that ourselves when we were assisted by a real estate expert on one of our important transactions. We want to go above & beyond to serve you. And we’re terrible at selling something you don’t want.

So, if you’re not interested in selling to a cash buyer…we agree. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re not happy if you aren’t. Our team helps you achieve your dreams. In one of our recent transactions, we helped a couple live their retirement dreams. The wife was battling cancer, and the house wasn’t in the best shape. At this stage, the couple wanted time and freedom to travel around the US in their RV finally. We paid them an instant fair cash price and took the responsibility for the repairs. We love investing in relationships and helping you move further.

When Do You Want to Sell?

The beauty of being a real estate investor is that we can help when agents can’t. We have the cash to help you. Want to sell your house fast now? We buy houses and can close within 7 days. We’re real estate investors and licensed agents in Omaha. So we can present you with multiple options:

You can choose to list with us and use our marketing tools (that we use for our properties) and receive a top price.

You can choose to sell your home as-is (without repairs) for a cash price. We’ll pay you the fair price within seven days.

We can buy your Nebraska house for a fair cash price. Contact us today!

A Helpful Approach to Sell Your Home

  • You don’t need to pay expensive agent fees as you can avoid listing on the MLS.
  • You can receive personalized help regarding your situation.
  • Our cash offer program covers all repairs. You don’t have to do any updates.
  • Receive a guaranteed cash offer. There is no need to hold open house events and wait for buyers.
  • Don’t wait any longer. Request a cash offer today and see how much we can offer for your property.
  • Already got an offer? Let us try to beat it!

Does your home feel like a burden? Does it require repairs? Maybe you’re struggling with a financial situation (divorce, foreclosure, job loss, change of business). We can lend a helping hand. Our real estate experts can help you see the situation from a different perspective. We can help make sense of the confusion and legal terminologies.

Call us right away if you’re facing foreclosure. We’ll negotiate a short sale on your behalf (if your home is underwater), and we can also buy the house to stop foreclosure in Omaha. We want to help! Our team can rent the house back to you after purchase. As investors, we provide creative real estate solutions tailored to your situation.

Tunnel to Towers Foundation Logo

Making An Impact

At Kaizen Property Solutions, we like to support charities that make a difference in the lives of those who serve our country. One way we do this is by donating to the Tunnel to Towers foundation at, where they pay mortgage loans to help families of fallen soldiers and first responders.

Give us a Chance to Serve You

We buy houses in Omaha. We can help you look at the situation from all perspectives. So before you list your home, give us a call. We will discuss your options and will help you choose the most money-making strategy. It can be a cash sale, a retail sale, or another option. The condition of your home doesn’t matter as we buy houses in all situations. And there are no commissions/fees when you work with us.

Get Your Fast, Fair Offer Today!

START HERE: We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. Whether you need to sell your home fast for cash or list with a local agent for top dollar, we can help.
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Sell Your House Fast Today

Foreclosure, divorce, loss of a loved one, job loss, business issues, relocation, bad tenants, title issues, probate, mold, structural damage, natural disasters, fire damage...we help property owners in all challenging situations. It doesn’t matter if you sell an eyesore property or a brand-new house. We respect your goals because every homeowner wants something different from their property. We’ll review your situation to find the best strategy. Some of our clients have benefited from renovating and renting their homes. You might prefer an easy cash sale. The solution always depends on your unique situation, and we’re here to help you. Talk to us and submit this short property information form.

Want to know what’s your home worth? Request a cash offer today, and we’ll send you the numbers within 24 hours.

You don’t need to worry about a property that’s not selling for any reason. We buy houses and serve Omaha, Nebraska with a mission to help you in the best way. Join us for a free consultation, and let’s discuss details.

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